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Hullkote combines the same very fast world renowned McLube proprietary formulation of our bonded PTFE suspension system with an entirely revolutionary citrus-based long lasting high gloss polish. The results have been remarkable, by all accounts.

•Environmentally friendly citrus based hydrophobic polish designed for an easier, faster hull coating application… saving your team’s valuable time and strength for the race course.
•Citrus based natural degreaser and polish creates an ultra-smooth, well sealed finish with an excellent and long-lasting high gloss shine
•Same active ingredient suspension as Sailkote creating the same durable chemical bond as Sailkote
•Provides superior UV protection for your hull and spars from the damaging rays of the sun
•Very environmentally friendly and entirely safe for you to use
•No harmful petroleum distillates (used in most other polishes and wax products), no harsh solvents, and no nano-tech health or safety concerns here
•Keeps your hull cleaner, much longer than anything else available today
•Applies in half the time of standard petroleum based polishes (just wipe on and wipe off, no waiting for anything to dry)
•Deep, lustrous showroom quality shine
•Lasts more than one full year above the waterline and more than 20 days of hard use below the waterline (2-3 coats will increase performance and durability to more than 30 days below the waterline)
•Highly hydrophobic (repels water, dirt, salt, grime, oil deposits, etc.)
•Very, very fast

Volym 16 oz/473 ml

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